Route 66 Palas Do Rei waymarkerThis 25km stage is a relatively peaceful stage with terrain that you shouldn’t find too challenging. The stiffest climbing is probably the first couple of kilometers from Portomarín which greet you before you have got into a walking rhythm.

For those who have started in Sarria, you will realise that you have already covered a lot of ground in 2 days when you pass the “Route 66” waymarker stone as you come into Palas do Rei.

Stage Profile                Portomarín to Palas De Rei  (Day 29)

Distance                       24.8km

Walking Time               4:25 hours

Max. / Min. Altitude     387m / 734m


This is a relatively easy stage, with no major climbs. The first half of the day sees the Camino climbing gently until shortly after Hospital Da Cruz. There are no towns between Portomarín and Palas De Rei, but there are plenty of café options along the way, including Gonzar, Hospital Da Cruz, Ligonde and A Brea.

Walking Notes – These are based on an average to slightly quicker than average pace and are only to give you an indication of the times involved.

0:00 At the steps in Portomarín, K89.5, turn left and then left again to cross the river at a footbridge. Keep right at the end of the bridge past a few houses and shortly afterwards at the K89 marker, turn left to proceed uphill along a path through some woodlands. After the path has levelled out, it crosses a road and you pass K87 and then K86 walking on the track alongside the road.

0:45 The Camino crosses the road to continue as a track to the left hand side of the road, soon passing a Coren factory and continuing past K85.5. The Camino crosses a minor road, waymarked, but it continues to run parallel to the main road, either directly beside the road or through some woodland nearby, all the way to Gonzar.

1:25 Gonzar. A little village with 2 Albergues, one of which is private. There is a small café bar on the Camino here, a good place to rest if needed. K82 is nearby,

Just after Gonzar, the Camino turns left away from the road, up a small, rural road. 100m later, turn right to continue through some trees, coming to a minor road where you turn left. This brings you past K81 and shortly after that up through a tiny village, where there is a single bar. Continue uphill through and after the village, bringing you back towards the main road, before which you turn left to walk along a track, passing K80.

1:55 The Camino crosses the main road, 10 minutes later crossing back to the left hand side again. Passing K78.5, continue straight ahead through intersecting paths, then passing through a cluster of farmhouses, where you keep right up a track (where there’s a sign indicating an Albergue to the left). You are now at…

2:10 Hospital Da Cruz. A hamlet with an Albergue and an Hostal/Restaurante “El Labrador”.

At Hospital Da Cruz, the Camino crosses the main road via a bridge, after which you turn left, then soon after a right to take you away from the main road, passing a waymarker that indicates Santiago at 78.1 km. Continue along a footpath on a minor road.

You will soon pass a Casa and then an Albergue/Pensión at K77.

Continue walking along this minor road which will bring you all the way into…

3:00 Ligonde. A little village with a municipal Albergue at K73.5, at the end of the village.

At the Albergue, turn left off the road, down a track which will bring you back to the minor road. Turn left to continue along the road, then passing Caas MariLuz, 10 minutes after Ligonde.

3:10 leaving the Casa after a 15 minute break.

Soon after here, passing K73 in Airexe, there’s a Pensión and a bar/restaurant. Keep left at a fork in the road. You reach a meeting of 5 roads at K72, the Camino continues straight ahead.

3:35 You pass a café and then an Albergue, followed by a Casa Rural, shortly after passing K70.

3:55 You reach A Brea where there is a mesón. The Camino reaches the main road (which would bring you to Palas De Rei).

4:10 At K67, turn left off the roadside path, continuing along a cobbled road and then a track. You will pass a municipal Albergue and then pass Complejo La Cabaña to your right. Continue straight ahead along the path (ignoring the road turning right at the Complejo), passing K66, which brings you all the way into Palas De Rei. When the path reaches a minor road in Palas, turn right. 100m later, turn left at the K65.5 stone bringing you down some steps between a small church and Albergue San Marcos, into the centre of Palas De Rei.

4:25 Palas De Rei. A town with all facilities and a variety of accommodations and places to eat and drink.

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