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This 19km stage is a short and relatively easy stage after the longer journey from Palas Do Rei to Arzúa the day before. Enjoy it and prepare for your final evening on the Camino before you reach your destination. Remind yourself of the great experiences you’ve had and the great characters you have met along the way.

Stage Profile                Arzúa to Pedrouzo (Day 31)

Distance                      18.5km

Walking Time               4:00 hours

Max. / Min. Altitude     266m / 413m



You’re nearly there! A short stage with some short climbs and descents, but nothing prolonged.

There isn’t any town between Arzúa and Pedrouzo, but there are many small places to stop along the way, including Salceda, so food and drink shouldn’t be a problem.

Walking Notes – These are based on an average to slightly quicker than average pace and are used only to give you an indication of the times involved.

0:00  In the centre of Arzúa, the Camino forks to the left at Casa Teodora, continuing down smaller streets (Rua Cima do Lugar, then Rua do Carmen) almost parallel to the main road, passing the church to your right.  Keep straight ahead at all times until you reach a small triangle in the road with an old cross and lamppost, K36.5m, where you keep left ahead and then downhill, whereupon the paved path turns to a track again.

This track crosses a stream and then climbs uphill, passing K36 (Os Barosas). The track merges with another at a t-junction where you keep left, waymarked. (At this point you turn right for Hotel Suiza if staying there). The track will now lead into woodland and ascend for a short while.

0:25 The track emerges on to a minor road where you turn left, then pass the hamlet of Pregontoño. A couple of minutes later, cross another minor road, the track continues uphill and passes under the main road out of Arzúa, continuing uphill, sharply at first and then gradually.

0:40 Cross a minor road, continuing as a track, waymarked. A few minutes later, turn right at a stone waymarker, continuing downhill through some trees.A few minutes later again, turn left and straight ahead to cross a stream – there’s a stone waymarker here, K33, but it’s about 20m after the junction so you might not see it at first.

0:55 Cross a minor road to continue as a track, passing K 32.5. After K32, keep straight ahead after passing a little taberna to your left, waymarked, then bringing you across an iron bridge over a new motorway. After the bridge, keep right downhill at a fork, passing K31.5. You pass the hamlet of Calzada, stone waymarker K31.1, shortly afterwards crossing a minor road to continue as a path, passing a bar to your left.

1:20 Continue ahead through some trees, passing K30, a couple of minutes later you keep straight ahead through a crossroads in the path, waymarked. Pass K29.5, then keep left at a house, waymarked, then at K29.2, marked Calle, keep right at a small grass triangle, down a paved path past some houses, bringing you to a minor road where you keep right. The path urns through some houses but is clearly marked, until you cross a small stream and keep to the right.

1:35 The track comes onto a minor road where you keep right, still along a track. A couple of minutes later, cross a minor road, later passing K28.5. The track emerges on to a road, where the Camino continues almost straight ahead, waymarked, along the road for 80m, when you turn left off the road back on to a track at K28.

1:50 Come to a road, where the Camino turns left and then immediately right to continue as a track, then passing K27.5.

2:10 Crossing a road, the Camino continues as track, coming on to the road into Salceda where you pass a bar. Continue alongside the road for about 200m, passing K25.5, then turning right off the road in Salceda, where there’s a pension, pharmacy and a couple of bars.

2:30 Cross the main road, continuing as a track through some trees, passing K24.5, then crossing a minor road. Go straight through a crossroads in the track a few minutes later.

2:40 You approach the main road but the Camino continues along a path, waymarked, going under the main road. Shortly afterwards, turn right at a Pensión/Meson O Brea waymarked, then turn left at K23. Shortly after this, turn left again, until you reach the main road where you will walk alongside the road.

2:55 Pass K22.5 while continuing alongside the main road, then a couple of minutes later you cross the main road where there’s a sign marking Pedrouzo at 5km, continuing along a paved path alongside the road, passing some seats and a fountain to your right.

3:05 You come to a junction where there is a restaurant and to your left and 2 bars to your right. Here, the Camino crosses road to the right and continues up a little laneway, passing a couple of houses, then turning left down a track, passing K21.5, reaching the road again just after K21.

Walk alongside the main road until you reach a tunnel under the road – go under this tunnel to bring you through the Santa Irene and this will bring you in a loop back to the main road again at a Café/Bar. Continue walking alongside the right hand side of the road, passing the Refugio Santa Irene.

3:25 The path veers right away from the road into some trees, passing K20, returning to the road a few minutes later where you walk under the road again to continue to the left of the main road. The Camino continues as a rural road, soon passing K19.5, then K19. You pass a sign for Información Turistica (Turn right here for the Hotel O Pino if staying there – it’s on the main road). Continuing ahead, you O Acivro accommodation to your right, 100m after this, keep left at a fork, waymarked, then right at the second fork which brings you downhill, also waymarked. Go straight through a crossroads in the road, still downhill and passing K18.5. 100m after this waymarker, you reach the main road again.

At this point, you will see the beginning of Pedrouzo up the main road to your right (a garage is the most obvious landmark). After a fatal accident a couple of years ago, the official Camino now crosses the main road to continue up a track which will bring you around the town  to the right of the main road. Alternatively, you can just continue alongside the main road into Pedrouzo. If you follow the Camino proper, you wil cross the main road to continue along a track through some trees. This track then comes to a large building – the Casa Sociocultural. At the end of this building, the track reaches the road where there are several signs pointing left for accommodations in Pedrouzo. Turn left here to continue along the Rua Concello which brings you back to the main road running through the centre of Pedrouzo.

To return to the Camino in the morning, retrace your steps up the Rua Concello to continue from the point you left to walk into Pedrouzo.

4:00 Pedrouzo. A small town running along the main road to Santiago. A range of options for accommodation and food/drink.

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