Monte De Gozo

This 20km stage is the emotional one – all your effort and sacrifice comes to the fore as you realise what you are about to achieve. For groups, we recommend that you gather together at the monument at Monte de Gozo (in photo) and walk together for the last 5km descent into Santiago De Compostela. Monte de Gozo was the point, historically at any rate, where pilgrims would crest the hill and get their first view of the city of Santiago De Compostela. Nowadays, that view is non-existent but you can still sense the excitement felt by countless pilgrims over the previous 1,00 years of pilgrimages.

Enhorabuena – you have made it!

Stage Profile                Pedrouzo to Santiago De Compostela (Day 32)

Distance                       20.1 km

Walking Time               4:00 hours

Max. / Min. Altitude     248m / 391m



After many days of walking – congratulations! This stage is relatively short and flat.

Lavacolla marks the half-way point on today’s stage and has options for food etc. Most people stop at Monte de Gozo, especially for groups. From here to the Cathedral is a little under 5km.

Walking Notes  – These are based on an average to slightly quicker than average pace and are used only to give you an indication of the times involved.

0:00 To leave Pedrouzo, return to the point on the Camino where you turned off to walk into the town. (Off the Rua Concello). Coming out of town, you will turn left to go in to woodlands again, passing K16.5. The path will then emerge briefly from the trees, turning left and immediately right, waymarked, bringing you through a couple of fields and then back into trees again.

After passing K15.5, the path emerges from the trees again, continuing downhill and turning right at a t-junction, now running almost parallel to the main road again, now walking along a minor residential road. This continues downhill, veering right at a fork and then, 50m later, keeps left.

0:35 Shortly after passing a stream, this minor road reaches the main road to Santiago again. Cross the main road at the Hotel Amenal. The Camino continues as a path to the right of the hotel, rising steeply, then crossing a minor road at K14.1.

0:45 Keep straight ahead at a crossroads in the path, waymarked, continuing uphill, passing K13.5 after which the path levels out. Swing right at K12.5, continuing as track through some trees.

1:05 The track winds downhill to reach the main road again, where you turn left to continue alongside the road. This will eventually lead you to the perimeter fencing of Santiago/Lavacolla airport. You will skirt the airport for a short while, keeping the fence to your left, eventually crossing the road to continue as a track. Soon running along a series of wooden signs for the Camino.

1:20 Turn right to continue walking on a more minor road, soon passing the Casa Porta de Santiago bar to your right. At this bar, the road swings to the left and then forks left, waymarked, leading to a short, steep climb. At the top of the hill, keep ahead right at a fork, then leading back downhill towards a motorway. The Camino continues as a track under the motorway, then continuing ahead right.

1:35 Swing left, waymarked, then a couple of minutes later veer right on to a road. 10 minutes later, you’re now coming into Lavacolla and you keep left at a fork, waymarked, then left again, bringing you to some steps by the church

1:50 At the end of Lavacolla, cross the main road to continue along a track. (At this point, if you are staying in one of the two hotels in Lavacolla, you would turn left and continue along the main road for a minute or two). 200m after crossing the road, turn right over a stream.

2:05 Having climbed from Lavacolla, swing left at a little hamlet, then 50m later keep right.  The road continues up past the Galician TV station to your right. You reach a t-junction at a bar where you turn left, then right almost immediately afterwards.

2:45 Having come down the hill, turn right along the road that will bring you to Monte De Gozo.

2:55 Monte De Gozo. This is the final resting point before reaching Santiago – for groups it is the best place to meet up so as to walk in to Santiago as a group.

3:05 Having come down the hill from Monte De Gozo, you turn left down a set of steps where the road veers right. This brings you across a bridge over the motorway. From here on, you are in the city of Santiago and the path is clearly marked. You continue to walk straight ahead on the path beside the road until your left turn at 3:25.

3:50 You reach the old town which is clearly distinguished by the older buildings as well as being almost exclusively pedestrianised.

4:00 You pass through an archway to reach the cathedral on the Plaza de Obradoiro. You have reached Santiago De Compostela, the end of your Camino.

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