“An experience that no one will forget”

Moate Community School travelled to the Camino in February 2020 – the last school to get out to Galicia before Covid restrictions put a temporary halt to proceedings. Roll on the next schools in 2021/22!

Here’s a quick look at their first day’s walking from Sarria to Portomarín, it’s better than any testimonial!

“What was at first anticipated to be a gruelling physical and mental challenge for all involved, turned out to be an unforgettable experience and one that no one will forget. Tired, feet dotted with blisters, the group felt an overwhelming sense of achievement of what they had accomplished, one that they will look back on with great pride.”

Stephen, organising teacher, Moate Community School.
(The most recent Camino Groups school tour – from February 2020, just home before Covid restrictions kicked in!)

“The highlight of transition year”

“It proved to be the highlight of transition year for many of the students – very positive written and oral reviews.

This was the first year that we used a travel agent as part of our planning for the Camino. From the moment our group leader made contact with Eoin in Camino Groups, he knew we were dealing with someone who knew our annual route from Triacastela to Santiago really well. Discussions re accommodation were fruitful and Eoin’s advice and choice of albergues worked very well overall. Also, the change of hotel, and the reasoning behind the change, suggested for Santiago seemed to help the group get more out of their last day than previous groups booked with a different company.

During the planning process, all emails, requests and issues re change of personnel were answered and dealt with promptly and efficiently. Overall, our group were delighted with their experience of Camino 2016. It is our hope to work with Eoin and Camino Groups for 2017.”

Owen, Organising teacher, Blackrock College, Dublin.
(Testimonial from 2016, the first year of Camino Groups school tours. The school has re-booked every year since.)

“Has sent a huge positive vibe around the whole school”

“The best, has sent a huge positive vibe around the whole school. Students will be getting up to speak about it at the graduation ceremonies. It has been unbelievable the effect that this trip has had on our students and the positivity they have brought back with them! We already want to look at booking for next year.”

Virginia, Organising teacher, Confey College, Leixlip.
The school re-booked with Camino Groups on the back of their Camino experience.)

“It is unlike any other school tour.”

“In my opinion it is a wonderful experience for students. It is unlike any other school tour, students are talking about the enriching experiences they had, how they have bonded as a group and how they got to know other students better. Our group had an amazing experience, one that they will never forget!”

As this was our first TY Camino tour I was a little apprehensive, there was no need, Camino Groups were efficient, patient and extremely professional. We had a fantastic experience, the trip was organised extremely well and there was very little for me to do! I would definitely recommend Camino Groups as the company to use for a Camino Tour. Thank you!”

Vivienne Naughton, Organising teacher, Teresian School, Dublin.
Testimonial from 2016 – the school has re-booked every year since.

“Totally different and all the better for it.”

“Totally different. And all the better for it. It’s a unique experience. And experience is the key word. There are so many different elements to this tour that you just can’t get on an orthodox trip to Paris or Barcelona. The challenge is part of it. Culturally, spiritually, physically- you are challenged and rewarded.”

Declan, Organising teacher, Fingal College, Swords.
(The school re-booked based on their experience.)

“A wonderful way to experience rural Spain”

The girls so enjoyed the experience despite the few that had blisters. They enjoyed having the independence of leading the walks, having the challenge every day and more importantly the sense of achievement each afternoon. The students loved the chats with others en route, of all walks and ages, and hearing their stories. Of course, all others were very interested when they saw a long group of 25 female teenagers walking together.

The positive feedback I have been getting from parents that I’ve met over the past 10 days has been resounding.  We all have good memories of the week.  It’s hard to think it’s over – thank you very much for making the experience of organising the trip so easy.

The Camino School Tour is a wonderful way to experience  Spain, the rural Spain, away from the beaten track, giving all involved a sense of responsibility, ownership, independence, guided freedom, challenge and achievement every day they walk, developing new friendships with other students and teachers in the group and seeing and tasting the local cuisine.  A truly wonderful way to experience Spain, hands on.”

Aishling Murphy, Organising teacher. Loreto College, Letterkenny.
(Another school that booked the following year based on the success of their Camino trip.)

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