Blog posts starting soon – but when to begin?

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SO…….. for quite a while now, this has been set up as a new feature in the world of Camino Groups, but…

When to begin is the question!

Covid-19 has wiped out the prospect of travelling to the Camino for now and none of us are sure when things will get back to anything approaching normal again. It might be around Easter 2021, it might be the summer, it might be the Autumn – it might even be 2022. For now, it’s guesswork – and that’s best left for a 12-game accumulator in the 2nd division of Slovakian football!

When we do start, it will be on a range of different topics – mostly Camino related but not exclusively so. Guest contributors are not just welcome – we’d love to have you here!

Like all of you, the mood varies from day to day sometimes. On one hand, there’s the thought that there’s no point starting for a while yet (at least until such time as there is a bit more clarity). Yet the angel/devil on the other shoulder says start now – don’t let the virus slow you down. On this one, the jury is still out, but keep an eye on the website, our Facebook page and on Instagram.


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